Transparoll,  transparent roller shutter for firm protection. Transparent shutters-Transparoll-consist of a particularly strong armor of aluminum ribs and strips of 6 mm thick impact-resistant polycarbonate. Transparoll has a compact enclosure and is perfect rollable. Additional assurance on the underside of a burglar resistant roller shutter is possible.

Transparoll                  Transparent roller shutter for firm protection
Transparoll Big           Transparent roller shutter for large surface
Transparent roller shutters - Transparoll – consist of an extremely strong armour of aluminium ribs and strips of 6 mm thick impact resistant polycarbonate. Transparoll has a compact casing and can be rolled-up perfectly. Extra protection to the underside of a burglar-proof shutter is an option.
This transparent roller shutter offers see-through and safety. Our patented Transparoll is virtually indestructible and offers an excellent view on your show window or presentation.
Guillaume Janssen supplies Transparoll in heavier or lighter versions, for inside and outside.
Besides, we manufacture roller shutters in an aluminium closed version or with small windows.
 Closing off a bar or desk
 Flexible closing off a space
 Extra large dimensions with Transparoll BIG
 Closing off swimming pools