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Guillaume Janssen has been manufacturing fabrics for the sun protection industry for over 50 years. Both acrylic and polyester fabrics for awnings and canopies, as well as screen fabrics for (zip) screens, are custom-made in the factory in Zwolle. We distinguish ourselves as the only major independent fabric confectioner with very high quality, fast delivery times, and a wide range of collections from all leading European fabric manufacturers in the sun protection industry.

Our confection department has recently expanded, and the machinery has been completely renewed. We have fully automated cutting tables and the latest sewing machines capable of processing both Saba and Tenara threads. Sun protection fabrics can also be bonded by us. We also use the latest series of welding machines, ensuring the quality of our confectioned screen fabrics.

We have developed our own click profile. This click profile is highly suitable for replacing (screen) fabrics on sun protection systems. It can be applied to almost any slot tube. A major advantage is that the profile from the old fabric can remain in the slot tube during replacement. This click profile is also widely used in the assembly of new systems and contributes to an increase in production speed.

In addition, we specialize in confectioning fabrics in special shapes and unique confectioning methods.
We supply, among other things:

  • Personalized and printed fabrics
  • Reinforcement corners
  • Turnbuckles and sail eyelets
  • GJ Click Profile
  • Drainage eyelets
  • Cord processing in the strip hem
  • Various side hems

Curious about our solutions?

Completely renovated confection department for the confectioning of various types of sunshade fabrics.
  • 50+ years of experience
  • Extensive assortment
  • Suitable solutions
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