GJ – RB Series

Guillaume Janssen offers a wide range of special roller blinds, ideal for providing sun protection to large glass surfaces. Our roller blinds are available in various sizes. They are suitable for indoor applications only. They are also available in a blackout variant. The rollerblinds are also available in different directions of operation.

  • Our roller blinds are available in many sizes
  • They are only suitable for indoor applications
  • They are also available in a blackout version
  • They are also available in different running directions

Product Range

We have the following models available in our product range:

  • GJ- RB Series: simple yet high-quality roller blinds suitable for large windows. The product is available with different types of brackets.
  • GJ- RB Vertico: : large roller blind systems (for indoor use) with the possibility of very large dimensions, up to 30 meters (width) and 8 meters (height).
  • GJ- RB Interio: : roller blind systems for large horizontal glass surfaces.
  • : roller blind systems with Conston cassette housings for horizontal or slanted applications.: rolgordijnsysteem met conston spankasten voor een horizontale of schuine toepassing.
  • GJ- RB Special Serie: roller blind systems with a unique tensioning mechanism for slanted, shaped, and horizontal applications.

Curious about our solutions?

Roller blind systems for interior installations, perfect to cover large glass surfaces, with a wide variety of fabrics (almost every fabric). Available with or without sideguides.
  • 50+ years of experience
  • Extensive assortment
  • Suitable solutions
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