GJ - ZP Series

Guillaume Jansen is the founder of the ZIP System in Europe. With over 20 years of experience in ZIP Screen production, we stand as the only company globally capable of manufacturing screens larger than 18m2.

What is a Zipscreen?

A ZIP Screen is a sun protection screen that keeps the heat out of your home, featuring a zipper (ZIP) that connects the fabric to the side guide of the screen. This design provides increased stability and robustness to the screen. The use of a zipper ensures that the wind cannot affect the screen. Thanks to the zipper-in-side-guidance, the screen always remains tight against the facade or roof.  

Product Range

Guillaume Janssen offers an extensive range for various types of ZIP systems. We have the following models available in our product range:

  • GJ- ZP Series: : simple yet high-quality zip screen. 
    The product is available with various types of cassettes, depending on the width and height of the screen. 
  • A zip screen equipped with special insect mesh. A zip screen equipped with special insect mesh. 
  • GJ- ZP Max: : a zip screen specially designed for very large windows (both in width and height).
  • GJ- ZP High A zip screen specifically designed for very tall windows. 
  • GJ- ZP Custom: een rits screen met cassette, geleiders en eindlijst naar keuze, die geheel op maat wordt geproduceerd.

Curious about our solutions?

ZIP screen solutions in various versions and applications possible. We are able to achieve these in very small or very large (high or wide) systems.
  • 50+ years of experience
  • Extensive assortment
  • Suitable solutions
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