GUILLAUME JANSSEN global B.V. PROJECT supplier for special blinds

The ideal project supplier and partner in the market segment for (special) shading and shuttersystems. When your standard supplier is not meeting your demand, we gladly help you to find the right solution for your situation. For that you can think of very small, wide or high ZIP systems with special specifications. Beside we offer MSW ZIP systems, operating bottom-up, horizontal or sideways and our MSW specials with screens in every imaginable shape. 

Contact data
Guillaume Janssen Global B.V.
Braunstraat 1
8013 PR Zwolle, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 38 4670010

Managing Director   Mr. Jos Stoit
Manager                     Mr. Ruben de Jong 

VAT code: NL 0089 14072 B02
Chamber of Commerce: 0506 1620


Jos Stoit
Managing Director
Bram Plattel
Sales Manager
Erik van Veen
Financial Manager
Ruben de Jong
Operations Manager
Bianca Koster
Office Manager
Bert Groothand
Logistic Manager
Ramon Groothand
Technical Designer
Thomas Riezebosch
Steffan Kuiers
International sales & marketing