History and developments to date

Guillaume Janssen was established in 1967 as a trading company for components of sun protection systems. In the 1980s and 1990s, it evolved into a full-fledged manufacturer of sun protection systems. In the 2000s, after a reorientation, the focus shifted to the fabrication of sun protection fabrics. In the 2010s, unique sun protection systems were added to our portfolio. From this decade onward, the focus has been on the international expansion of manufacturing distinctive sun protection systems and fabricating sun protection fabrics for various applications.

Core values
All employees are expected to contribute to the preservation and strengthening of Guillaume Janssen's image. This includes behavior, job performance, representation, and interactions with others. Guillaume Janssen adheres to the following core values:

  • Respect: Treating customers, candidates, colleagues, and others with decency.
  • Open and Honest Communication: Being open and honest and encouraging others to communicate in the same way.
  • Loyalty: Dedication to each other, the organization, and its objectives.
  • Commitment: Investing energy in the success of the organization.
  • Keeping Promises: A deal is a deal!
  • Job Satisfaction: Enjoying work and the work environment every day.


Guillaume Janssen aspires to: 

To be the leading sun protection and fabrication company for many years to come, where everyone wants to work, where customers prefer to collaborate, where we operate with respect for our people, environment, and the planet, and where we contribute to a pleasant living, working, and overall environment in service to our planet.

50+ years of experience
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Extensive assortment
A wide and large range of fabrics, often available from stock.
For every window, a suitable solution
We are specialized in manufacturing sun protection in various shapes and sizes.

Het Guillaume Janssen team

Jos Stoit
Erik van Veen
Erik van Veen - Finance & IT Manager
Bianca Koster
Ramon Groothand
Ramon Groothand - Meewerkend Coördinator Productie Systemen
Floris Satink
Jordy Koning
Amira Enache-Stroita - de Jong
Amira Enache-Stroita - de Jong - Meewerkend Coördinator Confectie
Luna Perez
Luna Perez - Backoffice Sales & Marketing

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