GJ - SZ Series

These innovative spring-tensioned systems are a versatile variant of our ZIP screens, with hidden cords for a sleek appearance and suitable for indoor and oudoor applications. Acoustic and metallized fabrics are also possible. Its flexible design allows for installation in any running direction, from top to bottom or bottom to top, including sideways, providing adaptable solutions for various spaces.

The GJ- SZ series is available for the following applications:

  • GJ- SZ Square (MAX)
    The SZ Square system is the ideal solution for conservatories and skylights. This system is designed for horizontal applications, with the fabric smoothly running even on the shallowest incline. There is a larger version of this system available which is called GJ- SZ Square Max. This can be applied in the same way for larger glass areas up to 6 meters wide and 12 meters high.
  • GJ- SZ Sideways
    A revolutionary and elegant solution that runs smoothly sideways, with bidirectional options. It provides weather and heat regulation for sliding windows, bifold doors and corner solutions.
  • GJ- SZ Curved
    A unique ZIP solution where curved guide profiles can guide the fabric along a curved surface. Can run up to 8 meters tall and 3 meters wide
  • GJ- SZ Sideways Curved
    It combines the technologies of our two most innovative SZ systems. It stands out as an eyecatcher while ensuring a flawless performance.

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Spring tensioned version of our ZIP screen systems with hidden cord system. Can be used bottom-up, horizontal, angled or even sideways in external and internal installations.
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