A wide variety of 72 colors and designs

September 5, 2023
2 min leestijd

For years, Guillaume Janssen has been known as a producer of exceptional sun shading systems. With the introduction of the entirely unique acrylic fabric collection GJ - Solar Pro fabric collection, the second pillar of the company, the independent confection workshop, is now being emphasized more prominently. 

"The GJ - Solar Pro fabric collection has emerged from a collaboration between fabric producer Sauleda and Guillaume Janssen," says director Jos Stoit, who has been at the helm of Guillaume Janssen since 2021. "As one of the last independent fabric confectioners in the Benelux, our customers expect a complete range of all existing fabric collections from us. Naturally, we provide those as well. Additionally, we are now responding to the increasing demand from our customers to offer them a suitable alternative to other fabric suppliers. 

Profiling our confection department

Guillaume Janssen was founded in 1967 and began as a trading company in components for sun shading. 'In the mid-2000s, we started specializing in the production of unique sun shading systems, which further expanded the company's presence in the European and international markets,' says Stoit. 'In addition to the production of unique sun shading systems, Guillaume Janssen also has a completely independent confection workshop. With this pillar, we aim to profile ourselves more prominently in the coming years. That's why we are now launching the GJ - Solar Pro collection, a completely proprietary acrylic collection, to respond to market demand. 

Balanced collection

"The GJ - Solar Pro Fabric Collection offers a wide variety of no less than 72 colors, of which 24 are available in larger roll widths. Twenty of the designs are available in the Solrain version with an extra high water column. Twenty fabrics from this collection are available in a special air-filtering version. 'We are bringing this unique fabric to the market under the name SAULEDA GREEN by Guillaume Jansen,' explains Stoit. 'It is the first sun shading fabric that purifies the air through photocatalysis!'" 

With this balanced collection, Guillaume Janssen is able to provide the entire sun shading industry with the right type of fabric," says Stoit. "Just think about it: modern colors for the assemblers of awnings and terrace screens, project colors in large roll widths for the replacement market, waterproof fabrics for hospitality awnings, and more traditional colors for awnings and canopies. That's why we invite everyone to come and view the collection at our showroom, but we're also happy to visit customers with our new collection book of our GJ - Solar Pro Fabric Collection!  

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