New Logo Guillaume Janssen

June 1, 2022
min leestijd

With pride, Guillaume Janssen presents the new company logo: 'We have given the logo a modern twist by combining the two letters G and J into one sleek entity. The 'G' of Guillaume represents special unique solutions. The 'J' of Janssen stands for Dutch pragmatism that fits our company and culture. Additionally, we have a new payoff 'Guillaume Janssen, visionary blinds & fabrics.' These are our two main product groups. The 'GJ' can also be found in the names of our various products." In the coming months, the company will also launch a new website in line with this new corporate identity. Guillaume Janssen also has a new sales team available this year for all inquiries regarding special sun protection and fabric confection.

Published in Zonvak Magazine June 2022 ©Zonvak Magazine