GJ – RB Series

Project School "Spojena Skola Rakovice" (Slovakia)

The school Spojena Skola Rakovice from Slovakia has access to a fruit and horticulture center where large greenhouses are set up. For these large greenhouses, the school was looking for custom-made sunshades, covering areas of more than 320m².

Together with our partner ShadowSys, we have designed a tailor-made solution that was installed in Slovakia in the spring of 2024.

For this project, we have developed customized GJ - RB Interio systems, which have been made operational using two tubes, gears and a chain. The systems are powered by Becker motors, with steel wire guidance ensuring that the fabric is pulled tight. The systems are equipped with Harmony 5020 fabrics that not only provide sun protection but also have flame-retardant properties, protecting the crops and the climate inside the greenhouses.

The end result has become very impressive.

Product type


Harmony 5020


Rakovice, Slowakije


April 11, 2024



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