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Slotervaart (Amsterdam)

The former Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam is being transformed into a comprehensive care center. Medical care and facilities are combined in the building with various residential care forms.

The complex will host a mix of functions providing affordable neighborhood care and nursing home care where there is a pressing shortage. "Medical care and facilities here are combined with various residential care forms, where clients can stay safely, and healthcare specialists can provide all necessary diagnoses and treatments within one day," reports Zadelhoff.

The upper part will house the floors with residential care functions, while the lower part is intended for primary care providers such as general practitioners and spaces where the community can attend meetings or have meals.

Inbo, DWA, Strackee, and Altavilla, on behalf of Zadelhoff, explored the future possibilities for the former hospital. Part of the building will have a significant renovation, while another part will open as soon as possible. The exploration included measures such as a sustainable building envelope and nature-inclusive construction.

On behalf of our partner Schellekens & Schellekens Zonwering, Guillaume Janssen has supplied traditional seamless acrylic fabrics for this project.


GJ – Solar Pro Grande




Inbo Architecten


November 4, 2022


Schellekens & Schellekens Zonwering

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