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Newport Street Gallery

Newport Street Gallery, located in the Vauxhall neighbourhood of London, is a contemporary art space celebrated for its innovative architecture and compelling exhibitions. Designed by architect Caruso St John, the gallery opened its doors to the public in 2015 and has since become a focal point for art enthusiasts.

The architecture of Newport Street Gallery is a testament to modern design principles, featuring a series of connected Victorian industrial buildings seamlessly transformed into a harmonious exhibition space. Caruso St John's vision emphasizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a dynamic environment that complements the contemporary artworks it houses. The gallery spans multiple floors, providing ample space for the display of a diverse range of contemporary art. Its design allows for the seamless flow of visitors through interconnected exhibition spaces, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The use of natural light and carefully curated interiors contributes to an atmosphere that is both inviting and conducive to the appreciation of art.

Beyond its exhibition spaces, Newport Street Gallery also features a stylish restaurant and a shop, adding to its allure as a cultural hub. The combination of architectural excellence and a commitment to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art makes Newport Street Gallery a captivating destination for art lovers and a notable contribution to London's vibrant art scene.

Guillaume Janssen specified the project in a very early stage so the product was fully integrated into the unique building design. One of the most icon solutions are the saw-tooth bottom-up running systems.



Product type


Opaque 6002




Caruso St John


April 18, 2015


Soltech Systems

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